This Lent-Easter, we are focusing on the life and faith of one of Jesus' most famous discipoles: Peter. In Peter, we meet a person who is both steadfast and unsteady, a dear friend and a betrayer, a follower and a wanderer. 


As we focus in on Peter, we might just see something of ourselves. By following Peter's journeyand journeying with Jesus through himwe experience the story of Jesus unfolding through the eyes of a normal human imperfectly trying to figure it all out, just like each of us. On this journey, we might just meet ourselves anewand the Jesus who seeks out each of us and calls us to a new life beyond what we ever could have imagined for ourselves.

May 12, 2024


"Mourner, Mother, Midwife: The Liberating Presence of God "

scripture: Jeremiah 9:10, 17-21; Isaiah 66:7-13; Matthew 23:37

May 5, 2024


"Gather. Go. (Repeat): Rhythms & Rituals for Resurrection "

scripture: Matthew 10:1-15; Acts 2:37-47

April 14, 2024


"We Are the Resurrected Body of Christ"

scripture: Galatians 2:1, 9-16, 19-20; 3:27-29

April 7, 2024


"Resurrecting Peter - and Us"

scripture: John 21:1-19

March 31, 2024


"Running Toward the Tomb"

scripture: Luke 24: 1-12

March 24, 2024


"Where Are You, Peter?"

scripture: John 12:12-16; Matthew 21:12-15

March 17, 2024


"Teach Me Your Ways: The Absurd, Illogical Math of Grace"

scripture: Matthew 18:15-22

March 10, 2024


"What If Jesus Isn't Who You Thought He Was?"

scripture: Isaiah 45:1-5; Matthew 16:21-23

March 3, 2024


"But Who Do You Say That I Am?"

scripture: Matthew 16:13-20

February 25, 2024


"Rescue Me!"

scripture: Matthew 14:22-33

February 18, 2024



scripture: Luke 5:1-11

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