This year's Advent series is shaped around the question: "How does a weary world rejoice?"


All too often, joy is seen as something disconnected from the harsh realities of our world and of our lives. Through the Christmas stories in the Gospel of Luke, this Advent we are exploring how joy is not separate from, but often arises out of and alongside our weariness, suffering, and grief. To experience true joy is to open oneself to the fragile vulnerabilities of being human.


These messages reflect on this truth, and thus explore what true joy and hope and peace might look like--so that our weary world may truly rejoice.

December 3, 2023


"Wisdom's Circle: Connection & in a Weary World"

scripture:             Isaiah 40:1-11; Luke 1:24-45

November 26, 2023


"The Shape of Hope in a Weary World"

scripture:             Psalm 80:1-7, 17-19; Luke 1:1-23

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